Accounting & Bookkeeping

There’s an old saying: “Numbers don’t lie.”

That’s mildly reassuring, but a more pertinent question is: “What do they mean?”

Where your business is concerned, you need an advisor who thinks strategically and sees the big picture. Our staff not only put the numbers together, but help interpret them so you can plan accordingly.

It’s a partnership – one that goes well beyond mere numbers.

AASC Chartered Accountants offers a wide range of accounting services to suit diverse client needs. We are experts at setting up accounting systems to quiet the “chaos” in your business. Our staff handles all the accounting details and gets your books done on a real-time basis. We are very flexible and adapt ourselves to client needs, we can do accounting using our own accounting software and we can also work on accounting software provided by the client.

Latest Pronouncements

Accounting services:

We are well versed with all the accounting software like Tally, Peachtree, Dac Easy, Focus, Quick books, Sage and most advanced customized ERP software. We can provide periodic accounting services as per needed. We visit client’s offices on daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, Quarterly, yearly basis to enter the required accounting transactions in the client software and complete the accounting.

Accounting setup and training services:

We create the accounting heads and give necessary training to client’s accountant so that proper books of accounts can be maintained for new company or start maintaining books of accounts.

Management reporting services:

Our mission is to deliver accurate and sophisticated reporting services precisely designed to each individual customer’s specifications. We prepare periodically management reports like cash flow statement, fund flow statement, income statement, financial statement, bank reconciliation statement, payrolls, receivables, payables, insurance of credit.

Audit support services:

We support client’s accountants before, during and after the audits due to various requirements of the auditors.

Financing services:

We assist the clients getting working capital and term loan facility, Budgeting and projections, Business plan, Feasibility studies, Project Appraisals and Reports, Business and Financial Management, Investment Advisory.

Accounting Supervision services;

We streamline your accounting and administrative systems in a professional manner. We provide part time and periodic accounting and accounting supervision services by qualified and professional accountants.

Back log accounting services:

For accounting back log for several months or years, we can take up the entire work to complete the books of accounts and generate the financial statements and all kinds of internal management report

In house Accounting services;

We also offer a full range of accounting services to support your own in-house accountant, bookkeeper or computer accounting system. This helps you avoid adding to your permanent payroll. We also maintain books of account of our clients in our offices.

Year-end closing services;

On receipt of your yearly accounting documents our team can finalize the closing of the year-end accounts.

Value-added Bookkeeping Services

Apart from all the standard bookkeeping services, we also offer custom reports that enable customers to better analyze their revenue and expenses. A list of additional services provided is as follows:

  • Break-up of Expenses : Report on break-up of expenses categories, such as by product line, office or region.
  • Customer Reports : Reports on your customers that give you a quick view of who your most and least profitable customers are.
  • Employee Reports : Reports showing company expenses and/or revenue associated with individual employees and year-end reports showing what their employment costs the company.
  • Event Analysis : Reports on revenue and expenses associated with specific events.

Benefit of Outsourcing Accounting Services:

  • You will have more freedom to concentrate on your core business or on your life away from work.
  • Outsourcing your accounts department can save you economically and dealing with employees attitudes.
  • Using an outsourcing firm is less expensive and more personable than using a BIG accounting office
  • Outsourcing can reduce employee related expenses such as salaries, benefits and training as well as help a company better manage employee related issues such as turnover, scheduling, and human resources.
  • Through outsourcing, the provider can help eliminate unnecessary operating costs while reducing and bringing other administrative costs under better control.
  • By outsourcing, a company can have access to advanced technology to support the accounting process with less equipment and training of staff. The outsourcer assumes full responsibility for managing the day-to-day back-office operations.

Output reports from out-sourcing of Account and Bookkeeping:

  • Monthly trial balance
  • Monthly bank reconciliation
  • Analytical Sales Report
  • Analytical Purchases Report
  • Accounts Receivable Report
  • Accounts Payable Report
  • Analytical General Expenses Report
  • Payroll and wages Report
  • Fixed Assets & Depreciation Report
  • Letter of Credit Report
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • General Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Cash flow statement
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Management Reports
  • Budgeting

Our service includes the following categories;

  • Trading
  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Profession
  • School/Institution
  • Real Estate
  • Contracting
  • Travelling/Tourism
  • Information Technology



  • “I bow to all staff at AASC for their understanding, professionalism, competence, patience and tact. They are specialists of high grade with a personal touch and attention to detail.“

    Adnan, Development Institute Director

  • “Truly a great team. Highly motivated, experienced and focused on delivering a great service. No wonder they are one of the most respected providers in UAE.“

    Ghassan, Al Waseet

  • “When selecting our auditing company, we focused on the companys reputation, service quality and level of expertise. For us, AASC have proved to be the right choice”

    Hamdy, Printing Press