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Payroll Services

One of the main issues with getting bigger is the challenge of managing payroll. It might have been easy to track the handful of employees working at a single location, but diversification and revenue growth often leads to hiring additional employees, sometimes at multiple locations. A burgeoning payroll also means keeping up with additional compliance and regulation issues.

If you find yourself dedicating more time than you can afford to managing payroll, you should strongly consider using a payroll service provider.

Arab Accounting Services Center Approach

We offer variety of Payroll services which aim to simplify and increase the efficiency of the overall process as per your needs and requirements. Our company offers almost everything that you need as all of our Payroll services are customized and designed in a way to best meet your specific requirements. Different businesses have different Payroll needs.

Simplicity is the key here. Your choices are not limited; and there are no compromises to be made. No matter what the situation at hand may be, Payroll services are tailored in a way that brings you transparency and full information. We work with any level of involvement, depending on the requirements of the business. No matter what the size of your firm is and what industry it functions in, we have a solution for you.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Lessened cost
  • Eliminate fraudulent activities
  • Attention focused on core business issues
  • Avoid payroll information walking out of the door
  • Experts at your service
  • Compliance management
  • Avoid technology headaches
  • Sharing updates
  • Confidentiality

Our Services Offer

AASC offers you different payroll solutions to its clients, whether you need full-featured corporate payroll services, or limited payroll processing services, our payroll solution that's just right for your business, as mentioned below:

  • Payroll processing and management
  • Checking integrity and validation of payroll data
  • Employee leave management
  • Multi-currency salary payments
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Employee travel expense management
  • Managing and payment of employee re-imbursements
  • Co-ordination for work permits and;
  • WPS payments and setup assistance

Our specialized payroll system is designed to save our clients time and money.




  • “I bow to all staff at AASC for their understanding, professionalism, competence, patience and tact. They are specialists of high grade with a personal touch and attention to detail.“

    Adnan, Development Institute Director

  • “Truly a great team. Highly motivated, experienced and focused on delivering a great service. No wonder they are one of the most respected providers in UAE.“

    Ghassan, Al Waseet

  • “When selecting our auditing company, we focused on the companys reputation, service quality and level of expertise. For us, AASC have proved to be the right choice”

    Hamdy, Printing Press